Holistic Services

  • Dentures –
    • Full Replacement Dentures
    • Partial Replacement Dentures
    • Flippers and Snap-on Smiles
  • Dental Implants -surgery
    • Placement of Metal-Free
    • Restoration of All Dental Implants
  • Tooth Extractions – Surgery
    • Residual Root Removal
    • Soft  Tissue Removal
    • All types of wisdom teeth removal
  • Laser Surgery
    • Fernectomy (procedure) Tongue tied
    • Fibroma’s Removal (soft tissue growth)
    • Papiloma’s Removal (soft tissue growth)
    • Hertetic lesions  (cold sores) Removal
  • Crowns
    • Hand-made which provides longer longevity.
    • Tanaka Labs (which is by invitation only – They are the foremost recognized laboratory in the world) which provides the most accurately and cosmetically (aesthetic) pleasing products in the world.
    • Fixed Prosthodontics -/- Crowns – All Metal-Free Restorations
      • Full Coverage Crown
      • ¾ Coverage Crown
      • Veneers – ½ Crown – Visible side of the tooth
      • Overlay Coverage Crown (Much more conservative type of Crown)
      • On-lay Coverage Crown (Much more conservative type of Crown)
      • Inlay Coverage Crown (Much more conservative type of Crown)
  • Bridges  – Metal-Free
    • Used to replace missing teeth (permantant
  • All Metal-Free Restorations are the most metal free material as possible that are available to our dental industry. The laboratory that I work with exclusively has designed and patented the cleanest, safest, and most biologically compatible materials for the human body. Without compromising strength, longevity and cosmetic.
  • Root Canals
    • Most Root Canals can be performed in our office per individual request.
  • Fillings
    • Repair pot holes
  • Teeth Cleaning (Prophylaxis)
    • Dr. Lago currently does his own cleaning for his patients. Which allows Dr. Lago to keep a closer eye on your health of your teeth and gums. This allows him to provide the best solutions for your optimal oral health care. When necessary Dr. Lago can also provide deep cleanings and/or periodontal treatments. Remember healthy gums don’t bleed. After
    • Actual dedicated cleaning time is about 40-50 minutes. After the cleaning, patients will most often notice their teeth are several shades whiter!
  • Tooth Whitening
    • Cold Laser /Plasma  Whitening – can take 2-3 hours in office. This is great for a quick-fix for special occasions such as a wedding event or business meeting events.
    • Tray Whitening – comes with a limited 3 year warranty. Results are long lasting and looks amazing with NO SENSITIVITY!
  • Periodontal Treatment – Periodontics
  • X-ray Digital Imaging. Purchased within the last year, our office system is only a year old which is one of the latest technology out in the market.
  • Minor Tooth Movement – to realign mild cases of corked teeth
  • Patient Education
  • Sterilization
  • Oral Surgery
  • Endodontics -/- Root Canals
  • Removal able Prosthodontics -/- Dentures
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Bone Augmentation
    • Bone grafting or adding to prevent bone loss
  • Sleeping apnea appliances
    • Custom night guards
    • Soring Apana
    • Athletic Mouthguards for:
      • Light Contact Sport
      • Medium Contact Sport
      • Full Contact Sport
  • Emergency – 24/7 for patients on record
  • Halitosis
Environmental & Biological Dentistry
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